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Calm Down Space

In our project we explore the intersection between neurodiversity & queerness. We are all affected ourselves & find that neurodiversity is far too rarely a topic, especially in academic contexts.... In our project, we mainly want to make work processes more sensitive & create a space that can be a safe space for other neurodiverse queers, but also a space to make experiences more tangible for neurotypical people.


The Calm Down Space is the retreat of the Theatermaschine. Every person is invited here who needs some calm time but especially marginalised groups.

At the Calm Down Space you can expect a water station for some cooling off & a fire station for meditation. 

There will also be a variety of workshops including: Authentic Movement, Stimming Toys Workshop, Sharing & Offering Round, Breathing Exercises & Massages which can be booked individually

Suck my brain: Workshop Reihe


14:00 -16:00         Authentic Movement Workshop with Ukrainian Introduction                           
18:00 -20:00         Breathing & Massages → Person(s) can book a Slot (each one 20 minutes)


14:00 -16:00        Stimming Toys Workshop for Queer, Neurodivergent people with Sharing &

                                                                                                                                    Offering Round

14:00 -16:00         Breathing & Massages → Person(s) can book a Slot (each one 20 minutes)

18:00 -20:00         Authentic Movement Workshop                                                                          


18:00 -20:00           Glitch Pakour                                                                                                       

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