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das Dores [of Sorrows]

das Dores [of Sorrows]

Zeit & Ort

03. Juni, 17:15 – 19:30

Probebühne 2 - Schiffenberger Weg 115, 35394 Gießen

Über die Veranstaltung

das Dores [of Sorrows] 

A prepared space to shelter dances of purging - a hand painted fabric, on top of it you and us. We dance to undo a certain ethical fabric that we are not interested in continuing to wear, to undo it thread by thread - maybe one day the skin will destroy civilization, Maria will metamorphose through her tears into a beautiful river, the water of the river will dismantle the metaphors, the eyes will open in the darkness and it will sound like the loudest bird alive and it will awake all the car alarms in the street ~ oh, the vibration of the matter, yes, of the problems, of the flesh, of the lips, the vibration of the speakers ~ this is a synopsis written very late at the crack of dawn.

A dance by Joana Ferraz with Kemelo Sehlapelo, Tetta and Xdzunúm Danae

Trejo Boles performing, in collaboration with Laura Salerno, Laura Stellacci

and Levi Schafhauser.

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