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Zeit & Ort

01. Juni, 12:00 – 04. Juni, 22:00

Schaufenster - Kreuzplatz 7, 35390

Über die Veranstaltung

The exhibtion is showing a gathering of fotos, curated by us from fotos we took individualy. They are

loosly connected throught the lens of friendship. Through the prosseses of positioning them in space,

people on pictures meet other people, who they did not know before. (Part of the exhibition is a work in

progress a project by Lara and Sibel with the Titel "Freund*innenschaften-Körper-Geschichte", who are

working on the topic of friendship, physical closeness and the sharing of impressions and experience.

The exhibition will show one photo of this project.

Merthe Wulf, Simon Lenzen, Talisa Frenschkowski, Lara-Marie Weine, Sibel Savas

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