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Strahlenzentrum / Strahli

Leihgesterner Weg 217 D

35392 Gießen

💥 Closest bus stop "Unterhof"

💥 parking lot in front of Strahli 

💥 no easy entrance for wheel chair users 

Wednesday, 05/06 

Auf der Höhe dort droben weht ein kalter Wind 

Wegscheidebild für TM - Adi Schneeeck.JPG

Up there on the heights, the wind blows.

And down in the valley, the Haselbach flows. 

She carries the laughter of children down it's trail,

but desperate faces shimmered pale.


What happened up on this mountain in the Spessart, where thousands of children play every year today? Which parts of its hundred-year history would this place rather bury under a thick wool blanket?

An installation about the silence, the unknown, the threatening, the repression; and about the history of the Wegscheide, Frankfurt's school camp.

2 - 6 pm  

ca. 15-20 min

age recommendation: 15+

concept, production:

Adi Einecke 

helping hand:

Sophie Löbermann 

in german language 

content note: 

Holocaust, forced labour


thursday, 06/06

In real life there is no untertitel 

Legényes is a virtuous hungarian folkdance, danced by man in the Mezösègi region. I will create a choreography of my own "legènyes" for contemporary hungarian music. The lyrics is a humorous mix of insults and rage towards male lovers. I will also create new verses for the song, reflecting on my experiences as a not german person in Giessen

5:30 pm 

15 min 

age recommendation: 16+

concept, performance: 

Eszter Sonnevend 



Judith Bethke


Cserihanna- Akinek én sok vagyok
reworked by Josie Pascale Rudolph &
Jannis Wulle

in hungarian language 


Wo gehör (ich) hin

6 pm 

20-40 min 

age recommendation: 15+


Franka Fix 

Hannah Lutsch 

in german language

Where am I at home, where is my home? Are they places or feelings, both?



A confrontation with moving out, moving in, moving on, putting down roots and uprooting.



What do I need to live, what makes my life worth living, who do I want to share it with?



A work in progress for an audio-based performance.



(work in proress)

friday, 07/06

Dates of Expiry / Verfallsdaten 


IMG_20240329_194445 - Carlos Franke.jpg

"Dates of Expiry" is a sad and humorous contemplation of mortality in the form of a minimalist stage performance. Books of dead authors appear like a trick of the light, medical documents hugely magnified, personal memories manifest in singular objects. Sometimes far away, sometimes almost too close. Carlos Franke, entangled in this interplay of distance and intimacy, magnification and disappearance, makes a very personal attempt of finding an order in everything. "Dates of Expiry" is a piece about death. But also about optimism and hope. Or simply about life.

12 pm (german version)

2 pm (english version) 

45 min 

age recommendation: 15+


Carlos Franke 

in german and english language 

content note: 

Explicit mentioning of illness and death


saturday, 08/06

sunday, 09/06

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