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Gutenbergstraße / Garden

Gutenbergstraße 6 

35390 Gießen

💥 Closest bus stop "Berliner Platz"

💥 parking lot in the back of the building

💥 no easy entrance to the building for wheel chair users, no lift, no ramp. Piece will be shown in the garden, not in the building.  

Wednesday, 05/06 

thursday, 06/06

Mother Monstera Deliciosa and the Social Garden

2 pm 

45 min 

age recommendation: 10+ 

director, performance: 

Christina Maria Ulrich 

in english language 

What is a garden? Where does it end and where does it begin and what are the entanglements of humans and other organisms with it? Together with my life tree I would like to explore the concept of the social garden. A garden which is not limited by space and ground. It moves around the world and is a testimony of the social relations we cultivate and tend to. It is a queer attempt to local humans within a system that is so much bigger than people. So, together we will root our feet in the ground and ground the roots of a plant in earth at the Gutenberg Garden.

Foto vom Gartenbild im Garten.jpeg


friday, 07/06

shouting sessions

You wanna scream? Come!

I will give you an opportunity to let the steam out, together with me, or alone.

3 - 5 pm 

mediastudio gutenbergstraße 

15 minutes per slot - get your ticket at festival centre

age: 15+ 


Eszter Sonnevend

saturday, 08/06

sunday, 09/06

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